Power BI: how to optimize the performance of your reports

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More than pretty dashboards, all the user needs is quick reports. Your users are sure to be delighted with aesthetically beautiful and well-crafted Business Intelligence reports, but that’s not enough. The speed at which data can be accessed will make them much happier. For that to happen, it all depends on what’s behind the data […]

How do KPIs show your company’s performance in the market?


Do you know what they are and the importance of performance indicators in the business management process? Key Performance Indicator (KPI), or Key Performance Indicator, are quantitative parameters that serve as a thermometer to measure and manage the performance of the company’s internal actions. They allow evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies adopted and the […]

5 steps to implement Data Driven Culture in your company

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Data-driven management contributes to faster and more accurate decision-making by companies. Despite this, 87% of corporations have low maturity in business intelligence and data analysis Source: Revista Algo Mais To remain competitive in a dynamic, digital and increasingly complex market, companies have sophisticated their decision-making process. The direction of business is no longer associated only […]