Need to improve
your business results? your database performance? he strategic analysis of your data? your digital performance?

Need to improve
your business results? your database performance? he strategic analysis of your data? your digital performance?

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We are T4i.

A company that uses technology to help companies from different sectors in the mission of implementing agile, optimized, efficient and intelligent management. For over 21 years, we have been offering complete IT solutions, adding value to our customers’ businesses, with an innovative and ethical approach. Our trademark is the quality and assertiveness of our deliveries. Want to know more about innovation? Watch the video.



With our business intelligence service, you will be able to make strategic decisions based on your company’s relevant data. Track the organization’s performance indicators in a practical way and share dashboards with your team.


Our team specializes in Database Infrastructure, management and maintenance and our service guarantees daily protection against slowdowns, crashes, hacker invasion and accidental losses, your data is backed up. We guarantee confidentiality and speed of data restoration.


We have qualified, certified and trained specialists to serve companies of different sizes and operating segments. We assess your scenario in a personalized way and employ services and solutions in the areas of data, legal and business to meet your needs.


We create custom software, according to the needs and particularities of your business. After all, your corporate culture also defines your demands. No more spending money on off-the-shelf systems where less than half of the features are really convenient for you.


Make your company visible to everyone, create value for your product and promote your customer relationship. We combine creativity, modernity and usability to develop applications with the potential to reach 230 million active cell phones in the country.

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T4i has technology for efficient database management and maintenance, Business Intelligence solutions and Software and Application Development


T4i strives to seek innovative solutions to make healthcare more efficient, always contributing to the advancement of the segment and changing the management scenario of hundreds of institutions. We work with the computerization of healthcare facilities, electronic prescriptions, paperless healthcare, ERP systems and digital transformation.


Disruptive forces are impacting every aspect of the automotive market. Our solutions aim to increase efficiency to improve quality and stay profitable in an ever-changing environment, drive customer loyalty and provide customer experiences and services that open new revenue streams for your industry/dealer.


The gas distribution sector is very important for the Brazilian economy, and it faces some challenges. With that in mind, T4i offers an ERP system for gas distributors, which in addition to managing the entire administrative part, includes the stock and shipping area to meet all your needs. Thus, its management becomes much easier and assertive.


Our solutions in the financial/accounting area arrive to simplify your company’s processes. Issuance of charges, file exchanges with automatic reconciliation, agility and security in transactions. Save your time and have your company’s tax obligations delivered before the deadlines established in the tax calendar, ensuring complete and consistent information with other company data.

Dashboards, software and apps are made by people


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