Future tech: innovation in vehicle dealerships

agendamento de test drive

Innovation in vehicle dealerships is changing the way we buy and interact with the automotive industry. In this text, we talk about how technology is changing the automotive sector, bringing new opportunities and challenges, especially in car sales. Artificial Intelligence and the Personalized Shopping Experience AI is essential for innovation in car dealerships, enabling advanced […]

Cloud and Edge Computing: Advances and Trends

computação em nuvem

In the era of digital transformation, where data is the new oil, two technologies emerge as fundamental pillars: cloud computing and edge computing. Both have not only revolutionized the way companies operate, but have also opened doors to unprecedented innovation across multiple industries. In this article, we will dive into the depths of these disruptive […]

Data Revolution: Power BI, AI and Analytics redefining business success

revolução dos dados

The implementation of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has become a cornerstone in the digital transformation of companies. After all, integrating solutions such as Power BI, SQL Server and other Database technologies not only improves operational efficiency, but also provides crucial strategic insights for decision making. Therefore, let’s explore some of the main advantages […]

Software development: vision that becomes reality

visão de software

Software product development is a complex process that requires a combination of technical knowledge, strategic planning and effective communication. It involves transforming an idea or vision into a tangible product that meets users’ needs and drives business success. In today’s market, the software development team director is under pressure to deliver quality products quickly. This […]

Digital Transformation in companies: paths to success

caminhos para a transformação digital

Research reveals: investing in digital transformation drives business growth Digital Transformation is a business revolution that shapes the way organizations operate, make decisions and interact with their customers. For companies of all sizes, this process is essential to remain competitive in an increasingly digitalized market. In this guide, we will explore all aspects of Digital […]

T4i arrives at the largest imaging clinic in João Pessoa

Nova Diagnóstico Romulo Martins

Original publication at: algomais.com/uniclinika T4i Solutions, a company from Pernambuco, took the Uniclinika platform (uniclinika.com.br) to New Diagnostics in João Pessoa. Patients and professionals at the largest diagnostic imaging clinic in the capital of Paraíba already benefit from the system’s service, which promotes greater operational efficiencies and quality in the service. The partnership with the […]

ERP System: the key to an Efficient Financial Management

sistema erp

Managing a company’s finances is a constant challenge. Track cash flow, control inventory, generate financial reports and monitor internal processes. These are just some of the crucial tasks for the success of any business. But how to ensure efficient and hassle-free financial management? The answer lies in a powerful system called ERP. What is an […]

Cybersecurity at Home Office: Tips for Managers


With the rise of working from home, business managers face additional challenges regarding cybersecurity. Ensuring data protection and information integrity has become an essential concern. In this article, we provide guidance aimed at business managers. The aim is to assist them in implementing effective cybersecurity measures for their employees to work from home. In the […]

Environmental Technology: Innovation can save the planet

tecnologia ambiental

Environmental technology has been increasingly relevant in the search for solutions to protect the planet and preserve the environment. The world’s population is increasing. In fact, industrial development has also increased. This has resulted in the exploitation of natural resources at alarming levels. This exploitation puts the sustainability of our planet at risk. Therefore, technology […]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Understand It All

inteligência artificial

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (Machine Learning or ML) have become increasingly popular. These technologies are reshaping the world in many areas as they can help automate tasks, improve the accuracy of results, streamline processes and much more. In this article, we’ll explore what AI and ML are and how these […]