Future tech: innovation in vehicle dealerships

agendamento de test drive

Innovation in vehicle dealerships is changing the way we buy and interact with the automotive industry. In this text, we talk about how technology is changing the automotive sector, bringing new opportunities and challenges, especially in car sales. Artificial Intelligence and the Personalized Shopping Experience AI is essential for innovation in car dealerships, enabling advanced […]

Data Revolution: Power BI, AI and Analytics redefining business success

revolução dos dados

The implementation of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has become a cornerstone in the digital transformation of companies. After all, integrating solutions such as Power BI, SQL Server and other Database technologies not only improves operational efficiency, but also provides crucial strategic insights for decision making. Therefore, let’s explore some of the main advantages […]

T4i arrives at the largest imaging clinic in João Pessoa

Nova Diagnóstico Romulo Martins

Original publication at: algomais.com/uniclinika T4i Solutions, a company from Pernambuco, took the Uniclinika platform (uniclinika.com.br) to New Diagnostics in João Pessoa. Patients and professionals at the largest diagnostic imaging clinic in the capital of Paraíba already benefit from the system’s service, which promotes greater operational efficiencies and quality in the service. The partnership with the […]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Understand It All

inteligência artificial

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (Machine Learning or ML) have become increasingly popular. These technologies are reshaping the world in many areas as they can help automate tasks, improve the accuracy of results, streamline processes and much more. In this article, we’ll explore what AI and ML are and how these […]

ABNT proposes requirements to ensure accessible apps for people with disabilities

inclusão digital app inclusivo

Brazilian standard ABNT NBR 17.060 adds more than 50 requirements for creating more accessible apps and websites on smartphones ABNT has proposed requirements to ensure that apps are accessible to people with disabilities. The Brazilian standard ABNT NBR 17.060 adds more than 50 requirements to create more accessible apps and websites on smartphones. In addition, […]