We are a T4i

Innovation, in the dictionary, means “that which is new. News"

But for us, it represents our restlessness in staying in the same place. Or simply our search for ever new horizons.

Therefore, always keeping the focus on quality and the satisfaction of our customers, we decided to take another step in our history that already has more than twenty years.

Thus, the T4i was born. A migration that further reinforces who we are and what our goals are.

Do you know why the number 4 is in evidence in our new identity?

It has a strong meaning of firmness, grounded, support and development, translating our energy to build, our determination to reinvent ourselves and our power to make everything come true.

We continue with the incredible mission of making companies from different sectors see, through agile and optimized management, how efficient and intelligent their business can be.

The world of Technology is wide, but for T4i there are 4 pillars that together support the basis for any business to take off. In other words: BI, DBA, Software and Application Development ensure the efficiency and strategy needed for your flight.

With our services, your company makes strategic decisions based on relevant indicators, guarantees a secure database, has custom-made software taking into account your needs and particularities and, finally, boosts visibility and creates value for your brand. through mobile applications.


Projeto BI para monitoração de uso de internet de mais de 6000 usuários
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First steps of Unigás
Nosso primeiro projeto internacional no México - ReSIF
Realização do SQL Saturday em parceria com a UFPE e PASS. Início dos trabalhos com a TGI Consultoria.
Evoluímos para T4i