Application Development

Your mobile development project is the future of your company!

Mobile is a global trend

We are ready to support you with a complete team to develop your applications from start to finish.

Mobile devices are the main source of internet connection for 60% of Brazilian internet users. Smartphones are the most used devices among the country’s adult population (from 18 to 55 years old), with 92% having or having access to them. Is your company exploiting this potential?


T4i is concerned with creating projects for application development with agility and quality, from app conception to evolution.


Our team is complete to meet the needs of mobile development: usability, functionality and customer expectations, prioritizing them, to work beyond expectations, the developers specialized in mobile transform the requirements into maximum quality code, and the testing team ensures that everything runs smoothly. We can meet your end-to-end mobile project.


How do we work?

  1. We understand the concept, the objective and we connect all the dots;
  2. We explore the market to understand the product, the business and the target audience;
  3. We create the prototype for review and approval;
  4. We develop the app;
  5. We test, validate and publish;
  6. We provide ongoing maintenance.

Constantly growing market

More than 48,000 apps are downloaded from the App Store every minute and users spend more than 1 hour a day using apps. One of the biggest proofs of the effectiveness of investing in app development is Apple, the company spends more than billions of dollars a year with app developers. Currently, a person who is not digitally connected is synonymous with disinformation, as are brands and companies. Not positioning yourself digitally can be a big mistake.