Collecting, maintaining and using your business data safely, efficiently and cost-effectively

Do you want to reduce risks, increase the security of your data and improve your decision making?

Understand how to apply performance, high availability, security and database monitoring in your company


We have the performance analysis service, which identifies the negative impact, under the aspect of low performance that can occur in the database, the client will have as main information what are the commands issued against the database that will need adjustments, allowing that they can be corrected eliminating any negative impacts, in addition we have a certified team in IT infrastructure, in this way we can help in diagnosing possible loss of performance involving servers, storage, network assets.

High Availability

The high availability of a database system is an issue that directly impacts the operations of any company. After all, in the database all the information necessary for the full functioning of all sectors of the business is saved and recorded. The company that manages its database has a system capable of maintaining its functions uninterruptedly for long periods of time. For this reason, it is important to look for a solution that will provide the high availability your company needs to have an effective technological system that will make your business stand out from the competition.


We ensure that your company’s database security is not compromised by accidents or intentional threats. Our goal is to prevent the system from falling into the hands of unauthorized personnel, and we are also concerned about who actually has access to it. The importance of having all this control is in the survival of your company. We know that data collection is essential to guide a company in the market, discover the consumer profile, outline sales strategies and remain competitive in the market. That’s why organizations are increasingly investing in data security.


Keeping a database up-to-date and free of instabilities is essential for the good performance and success of a company’s processes. This is where the monitoring of the database comes in, a fundamental service for the control and identification of unwanted occurrences in the system.

Monitoring allows the control and updating of information, in addition to the identification of problems and opportunities that directly affect a company’s plans and strategies. Some of these failures impact virtually every area. In addition to this control, monitoring allows for anticipating some instabilities.

This type of solution is ideal for different sectors of a company that depend on a database to carry out their activities and make decisions. It is worth remembering that in many cases the productivity of an area is directly linked to the efficiency and availability of the system, such as e-mails, corporate software, storage space, among others.

Data Capital is Business Capital

In today’s digital economy, data is a kind of capital, an economic factor of production in digital goods and services. Just as an automaker won’t be able to manufacture a new model if it doesn’t have the necessary financial capital, it won’t be able to make its cars autonomous if it doesn’t have the data to feed the built-in algorithms. This new role for data has implications for competitive strategy as well as the future of processing.

Given this central and mission-critical role of data, sound management practices and a robust management system are essential for all organizations, regardless of size or type.