Financial management in the digital age

Simplify the control of your business and track daily cash flow

For each operation a solution


The DRE (Income Statement for the Year) is a great ally of the entrepreneur. That’s why knowing how to use it is so important for the administration of your company. This report compares the revenue and expense data of the business, showing the net result of its performance and detailing the real operational situation of a business.

By using this control also as a management report, you will be able to assess how your company’s financial health is going and, thus, use the information to make decisions that will reduce expenses and make your business earn more.

Take care of your company’s health with a real-time reporting view, from accounts due to cash flow status. For managing finances, the more accurate the information, the better the decision you can make. In T4i DRE reports you apply filters by date, by category and by cost center. Also receive notices whenever a due date is near, whether to make the payment or to seek a renegotiation of deadlines with the supplier, for example.

In addition to an overview of your company’s expenses, you can view your expenses grouped by cost center. This type of managerial control of expenses organized by cost center (or sector) allows knowing how much resources each product or area of the company consumes. And how much can each one contribute in a moment of reduction.


You know well that it is based on accurate information that you can anticipate problems, solving the pains of your business. The balance must match and the entries must be sorted for accounting to complete the month-end closing. UniFinanças’ mission is to help entrepreneurs and make tasks of this type simpler. As a complete financial program, it allows cash control and provides a broader view of all parts of the business.

Get rid of the old cash book and avoid bankruptcies, identifying in a more organized way the moments when there is money left in your company’s account to invest. Automatically updated statements accessible online are safer and more accurate to understand the financial situation of your business.

Organize in one place your bank accounts, credit cards, make reconciliations in seconds. It is also possible to issue NF-e directly from the sale, print the DANFE, issue slips, control stock, finance and all this with the convenience of being an online system.

Importance of financial management in companies

All business activities involve resources and therefore must be conducted for profit. The financial activities are based on the study and analysis of data taken from the Balance Sheet, but mainly from the company’s cash flow, since it is from there that the real amount of its current available for financing and new activities can be perceived. Typical roles of the financial administrator are:

  • Financial analysis, planning and control;
  • Making investment decisions;
  • Financing decision making;
  • Goals and Commitments.