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Digital technologies create entirely new ways to promote seamless consumer touchpoints. They provide insights that provide personalized service and integrate the vehicle with various aspects of a person’s life.

The Automotive 2030 Consumer/Executive Survey, conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), found that fifty percent of automotive executives surveyed say that to succeed or even survive, they need to reinvent their organizations with digital technologies, and 42% have a high sense of urgency. Even something as sacred as vehicle branding can lose importance in the world of mobility as a service – unless the digital experience wins consumer loyalty. Check out some solutions:

Service Scheduling App

Your dealership can offer a complete channel of automotive services to customers, such as a “car concierge”, to offer practicality and convenience to the driver when making repairs and overhauls. The application can be adapted to the specific needs of your company and brings together features that allow the car owner to find the nearest dealership to schedule various automotive services, with online payment. Through the platform, there is all the monitoring, follow-up and customer service.

specialized BI

It is evident that the automotive sector is undergoing profound transformation and efficient Business Intelligence systems will be the pillars of support for this movement to be consolidated. Through Business Intelligence solutions, it will be possible to reduce information bottlenecks in automotive companies. In this way, managers of strategic areas began to collect, organize, analyze, share and monitor information more easily, generating valuable insights for the business. This is because such tools allow more efficient actions, more advantageous costs/benefits and significant results that impact decision-making and market vision.

Why is customer experience critical?

In addition to a behavioral and generational factor, this change is also driven by forces that include social, economic and demographic disruptions made possible by technological innovations.

In this whirlwind of changes, it’s important that automotive operators don’t forget to take care of the experience they offer their customers; because remaining attentive to this demand is a big step towards becoming a mobility solutions provider in the future.

The convergence of the automotive and mobility industries promises (and is already delivering!) big changes.