Management of offices, clinics and health groups has become an easy task

Are you a healthcare professional and want to optimize your schedule and make life easier for your patients? NAORA is an online scheduling system that allows you to make your schedule available 24 hours, 7 days a week, without the need for telephone appointments, increasing the productivity of your office.

UniClinika is a complete integrated management software for diagnostic imaging clinics (RIS – Radiology Information System). The system allows efficient management of processes in all sectors of the clinic: call center, reception, exam room, billing with agreements, collection, finance, inventory, among others.

The entire Unimed network in Brazil can count on the facilities of a personalized application, just get in touch with us! Our solution includes: online scheduling, 2nd copy of the ticket, virtual card, first-come, first-served service, satisfaction survey, medical guide, bulletin board and useful telephone numbers.